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People showing their concerns
Protestor at Freddie Gray rally 2015!

Nothing too big to not participate in the Freddie Gray rally 2015
A married couple decided to come to the Freddie Gray rally immediately after they got married 2015!

Give knowledge to the youths!
A protestor is holding a sign that is depicting the activities that surround the Freddie Gray rally 2015

Freddie Gray 2015

Rally at City Hall 2015.......
Gatherers at the Freddie Gray rally 2015.....

The Spoken Word at Freddie Gray's 2015 rally!
One Freddie Gray's rally 2015 speakers....

2015 Freddie Gray rally
Freddie Gray 2015

Looking through Lionel Turner's eyes during the Freddie Gray uprising 2015
Freddie Gray's rally 2015 looking through Greenmount avenue Lionel Turner's eyes!

Unity at Baltimore City Hall 2015"Freddie Gray rally 2015"
2015 at Baltimore City Hall during Freddie Gray's rally. Lionel Turner

Give knowledge to the youths!
Photography by Lionel Turner
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