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Two law enforcement vehicles are burned during the riots.

Debris is burning on a Baltimore street during the riots.

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An up-close picture of a car on fire during the Baltimore riots.

Armed police officers stand surrounded by National guard and law enforcement trucks following the riots.

police charging me.jpg
Fully armed officers run down Pennsylvania avenue with their shields during a protest.

Walker_Boatwright_voice_004 1.m4a
University of Baltimore student Gwenaviere Reaves-Walker interviews Mr. Clyde E. Boatwright, the Fraternal Order of Police President for Lodge #5 for Baltimore School police. Walker interviews Boatwright regarding the riots and reasons behind them.

Koch--monique interview.mp3
University of Baltimore student Monique Koch interviews National Guard officer Stephen Kiiru, and Eric Mejias, who lives in a neighborhood affected by the riots that occurred after Freddie Gray's death.

Rev. Phillip R. Turner is interviewed by Micah Connor.

2015-04-28 10.00.40.jpg
The store Deals is shown with boarded up windows and broken glass after being damaged in riots.

2015-04-28 10.01.02.jpg
The store Deals is shown with boarded up windows, broken glass, and litter after being damaged in riots.
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