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A man is holding a protest sign against the police with other demonstrators.

Protestors march while holding "Black Lives Matter" and "Justice for Freddie" signs.

Demonstration at Baltimore City Hall

Protest demonstration in front of Western District Police Department

Protest demonstration outside of Western District Police Department

2015-04-25 18.29.25.jpg
Protestors stand across from the police with their hands in the air.

2015-04-25 18.22.40.jpg
In front of the Sports Legends Museum, police stood after an exchange between an officer and a protester became tense. The officers in riot gear would eventually pull back and try to leave the scene.

2015-04-25 16.51.28.jpg
Protesters assembled in front of City Hall representing several groups that marched.

2015-04-25 16.06.48.jpg
Large crowd of demonstrators marching at Orioles Park at Camden Yard
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