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Man runs past mural

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Mural painted on the corner of a building

Mural. Youth March against police brutality from Baltimore's City Hall into West Baltimore.

CVS Pharmacy at 2509 Pennsylvania Ave. Center Stage brought the cast of their upcoming musical MARLEY to North & Penn to offer a free outdoor concert of Bob Marley's music to peaceful protesters and neighbors in the area.

The local community (part of the SOWEBO Partnership, including Hollins Roundhouse and the Union Square Association) organized various activities for children who were not in school on April 28 (since the schools had closed).

Trinacria Cafe (111 W. Centre St) was damaged on Monday April 27. This is a photo of the plywood covering the broken windows, someone had taped a marker on a string to the wood so that people could write messages. Trinacria Cafe is a new restaurant…
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