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National Guard (with automatic weapons) and Md State Troopers patrol Harborplace.

The attention of the light rail riders is turned to the street where dozens of police officers carrying riot gear head south toward the Inner Harbor for their evening shift.

A tense solitary man ends his shift (notice the badge, the tight neck muscles) and heads north homeward on the light rail while an evening shift of police officers in riot gear head south toward the Inner Harbor for their evening shift.

Lines of citizens take photos and stare at the individuals separated from them by barriers. Those that chose to converse with State Troopers and National Guard found a friendly and willing audience in the military, not at all confrontational…

At "Resurrection Intersection," the revitalized corner of Pennsylvania Avene and Presstman Street in the Sandtown-Winchester area, William Scipio, president of the Sandtown Resident Action Committee, joins a multiracial prayer circle the morning…

Someone set fire to a car in front of the Strength to Love 2 community farm in Sandtown-Winchester. The next morning, dozens of volunteers helped clean up the debris. Volunteers take down charred plastic from a hoop house on Lorman St. that was…

The day after the riots, a University of Baltimore garage on Maryland Avenue isn't taking any chances.


An extra measure of security at the University of Baltimore's Liberal Arts and Policy building on Preston Street the morning after the riots.


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