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Simone Varano Collection

4:29:15_North & Penn ave_2.JPG

Photographs taken by photographer Simone Varano

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James Singewald Collection


These images were all taken the on 4/28/2015, the day after the riot. The majority are taken in the vicinity of Penn-North, Sandtown-Winchester, and…

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Christina Delgado Collection

Christina Delgado,,April 28, 2015, Gay Street, Nikon D300 .jpg

Various images shot between April 28 - 30, 2015 by educator and photographer Christina Delgado.

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Baynard Woods Collection


Protestors and police

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Joe Stewart Collection


March for Peace in the Northern District, Waverly Main Street, Old York Road, 32nd Street, Greenmount Avenue, East 33rd Street.

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Lee Gibbs Collection


Photographs taken between April 23, 2015 and May 3, 2015.

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Albert L. Feldstein Collection

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Photographs taken at the One Baltimore Faith Rally, May 3, 2015; the 300 Men March, July 10, 2015; the Stand Up for the Baltimore City Police March,…

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Artivists Collection - Valeska Populoh


Artivists United for Peace, Love and Justice gathering and march. The gathering took place in the garden of Jubilee Arts at 1947 Pennsylvania Avenue.…

Contributors: Valeska Populoh

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Sharon Kusiak Collection


Photographs shot Downtown at Pratt and North Howard on April 25, 2015; North Ave and Pennsylvania Ave on April 28, 2015; and at a Peace March starting…

Contributors: Sharon Kusiak

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Beth Callen Collection


Various demonstrations in Baltimore City on May 2, 2015

Contributors: Beth Callen

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