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Jerome Freeman Collection

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Various photographs taken at Riggs Avenue, Camden Yards, Sandtown, Conway Street, Westwood Ave, and Howard Street.

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Jamal Lawson Collection


The following pictures were taken on the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and North Avenue near the corner were the CVS that was raided is located. I…

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Ashley Luke Collection


These images were taken 5/2/2015 during the Massive National Rally against police brutality Youth March that took place from Baltimore's City Hall…

Contributors: Ashley Luke

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Lawrence Lanahan Collection


Various photographs from April 28, 2015.

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Fr. Kevin A. Mueller Collection

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Wide Angle Youth Media Collection


Wide Angle Youth Media took portraits and conducted short interviews with Baltimore City youth during the Freddie Gray protests. Subject…

Contributors: David Sloan, Wide Angle Youth Media.

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Jean Lee Cole Collection

Think. Do. personal blog entries in response to the Baltimore uprising.

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Michael Psaras Collection

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Peaceful protest march to City Hall

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Jason Ruth Collection

April 28th, Penn and North 1.jpg

Protests in Baltimore

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James A. Schuyler Collection


Pictures taken at various locations across Baltimore

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