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Greg Strack Collection


peaceful student march on city hall, April 29th, 2015.

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Theo Anthony Collection


Images taken by baltimore photographer Theo Anthony

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Zach Adams Collection


A collection of images taken by photographer Zach Adams.

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Lynn Parks Collection


Starting point 25th and St. Paul St. marching with Pots and Pans to City Hall. Joining with other groups and marching past the detention center, up…

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Michael Davis Collection


March from Penn Station to City Hall and Back to Penn Station

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Greg Ketterman Collection

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Christopher Crews Collection

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Scott Bradley Collection


Protest Photos from Pennsylvania Avenue

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Andrew Copeland Collection


Peaceful protest from Penn Station to City Hall

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Ashleigh Haddad Collection


Center Stage brought the cast of their upcoming musical MARLEY to North & Penn to offer a free outdoor concert of Bob Marley's music to peaceful…

Contributors: Ashleigh Haddad

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