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Adrian Collection

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Albert L. Feldstein Collection

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Photographs taken at the One Baltimore Faith Rally, May 3, 2015; the 300 Men March, July 10, 2015; the Stand Up for the Baltimore City Police March,…

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Andrew Copeland Collection


Peaceful protest from Penn Station to City Hall

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Arielle DeFoor Collection


Black and white images of demonstrations in Baltimore from May 2015.

Contributors: Arielle DeFoor

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Artivists Collection - Valeska Populoh


Artivists United for Peace, Love and Justice gathering and march. The gathering took place in the garden of Jubilee Arts at 1947 Pennsylvania Avenue.…

Contributors: Valeska Populoh

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Arturo Holmes Collection


Baltimore City demonstrations on May 1, 2015

Contributors: Arturo Holmes

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Ashleigh Haddad Collection


Center Stage brought the cast of their upcoming musical MARLEY to North & Penn to offer a free outdoor concert of Bob Marley's music to peaceful…

Contributors: Ashleigh Haddad

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Ashley Luke Collection


These images were taken 5/2/2015 during the Massive National Rally against police brutality Youth March that took place from Baltimore's City Hall…

Contributors: Ashley Luke

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Baltimore City Officials' E-mails and Documents Collection

Email on April 25, 2015 from Lorna Harris to Anthony Bats

Multiple media outlets submitted Maryland Public Information Act requests to Baltimore City Government. As a result, 7,000 emails and other documents…

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Baynard Woods Collection


Protestors and police

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